There was a boy named Johnny who grew up on the right side of the tracks with good friends, good family and hot chicks. Then one day Johnny started chopping all of their heads off and couldn’t understand why. Unbeknownst to Johnny he was diagnosed at a young age with being a ninja. Finally his parents had to tell him.

At his prom he accidentally cut his date’s head off but graciously apologized saying, “Sorry, I’m a ninja.” At family get-togethers his cousins would say, “What’s wrong with Johnny?” And his mother would say, “He doesn’t feel well. He’s a ninja.”

He spent many hours discussing his disease with his shrink until the day he found out that she too was a ninja. A hot Asian ninja that was turned on to Johnny and his ninja skill set. They let each other do it with each other, and today it’s all they do. They just do each other and go around chopping off human heads.


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