A young couple was walking down the road when they saw a small child sitting there by himself. So, of course, they took him home to use as one of their own. As time went by, they noticed something quite odd. Their young boy was beginning to grow towards the sun. They thought this was queer so they took him to the doctor. The doctor went on the internet and told the young couple, “It appears this boy was raised by vegetables.”

The mom was shocked, she said, “What?”

The dad, also was like, “Yeah. What? We don’t have a degree in philosophy.”

So the doctor explained everything in “real people words”, and they went home.

To surprise their stolen child, and make him feel more at home, they filled his whole bedroom with vegetables that they dug up from the neighbor’s farm. They even bought him a bed filled with the finest topsoil. And every now and then he still has dreams of sitting really still and not moving all day.


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