Suzie had been a gynecologist for over thirty days and nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare her for what she was about to witness. Suzie looked at her next patient with bewilderment as she walked through the door. It was Sister Mary who she knew from all the food drives.

Sister Mary sat down and Suzie said, “Spread ‘em Sister! Let’s see what’s doing.” Sister Mary was a little shy so Suzie pushed her habit out of the way and pried her huge thighs open with a spatula.

Suzie was baffled, “I don’t understand. I’ve never seen this before.”

Sister Mary shook her head, “What is it?”

Suzie took a deep breath and coughed, “It appears your vagina is the gateway to hell.”

Sister Mary didn’t believe her cause she was like, “Are you sure?”

Then all of a sudden the whole room turned black. The windows flew open, and the wind came storming in the room blowing vagina tools everywhere. Suddenly, as Sister Mary looked down, Suzie’s head and chest were missing and only her legs were dangling out of Sister Mary’s vaginal gateway to hell. Then in an instant Suzie was gone, and the room returned to normal.

Later that day Sister Mary returned to her convent and her fellow nuns had planned a surprise party for her return from the gynecologist. When they all yelled surprise, Sister Mary lifted her habit. The darkness ensued followed by the blustering winds and screams of lost souls. Sister Mary embracing her new bad ass self was like, “Feel the wrath of my Vagina of Darkness! I bet your mom’s in here! Whores!”

That night her vagina sucked up over two hundred of God’s followers into the gateway of hell. She still roams the Earth posing as a nun and doing the devil’s work with all of her Vagina of Darkness.


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