Harry was a tall, handsome fella with extremely white teeth. His mom had given him a strict curfew to be in before midnight. But, one night when he was shaving his girlfriend’s back on the patio, the electric razor got jammed. He tried his best to unclog it but to no avail.

It was nearing midnight and Harry’s mom had set out to try and locate her son. Midnight finally came and Harry began to undergo a metamorphosis. His eyes became larger, his skin tighter, his fingers longer, his head larger, and his teeth black.

Harry’s girlfriend was like, “What the fuck. Finish shaving my back.”

Harry wasn’t having it cause he was like, “Girl, you know it’s true. You’s a hairy old creature.”

With his newly created long fingers he made an incision in her back and bit her spinal cord in half. She was upset and didn’t think it was at all like him. Soon after, Harry’s mom arrived and said, “I wanted to tell you, but I forgot.”

So Harry asked, “What am I?”

His mom replied, “I don’t know.”

Harry punched his mom in the face and they drove home in time to catch the Final Jeopardy question. Which Harry knew the answer to.


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