Arnie came home from a long day at work to find that his wife, Mindy, had turned into a shellfish again. Arnie wasn’t about to have any of that shit.
He was like, “Mindy, I told you my parents are coming over for dinner tonight. You can’t be running around looking like a shellfish when they get here.”

Mindy had heard all this before but she didn’t care. If she wanted to be a shellfish, then she was gonna be a shellfish.

Arnie was filled with raging rage. “They’re pulling in now. Go change back to human,” Arnie demanded.

Mindy disappeared as Arnie greeted his parents. When he went back to the kitchen to serve the first meal Mindy was still walking around being a shellfish.

Arnie was all kinds of angry at Mindy. “I should have never let a mermaid hook us up!” he shouted.

After dinner Arnie’s mom said, “Mmm that was the best lobster I ever ate.”

Arnie was happy. Once his mom left the room his dad said “So, where’s Mindy at? You sure picked a hot one this time, son. Maybe you can think about sharing her with your old man someday.”

“I’m way ahead of you, dad,” Arnie said. “Way ahead of you.”


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