Joe wasn’t your average human, he was a little below average. But that certainly didn’t stop him from being afraid of transsexuals. He would often have panic attacks during such encounters. It was an unexplainable fear that was without an explanation.

One day when he got stuck in the wheel well of an F-150 a young transsexual named Olive tried to rescue him, but Joe knew better and stayed stuck in the wheel well.

He couldn’t help but feel he had a reason to fear them, but his shrink advised him to overcome his fear by befriending the next transsexual he saw.

That night just as Joe was retiring to bed there was a knock on the door. Joe answered the door and it was a transsexual. Joe knew what he had to do so he invited the tranny in. Joe and the tranny were having a lovely time talking about wallpaper and comparing arm hair. Then without warning the transsexual put his fingers in his mouth and started gagging. Suddenly, like locusts, a swarm of transsexuals surrounded the house and started smashing windows and kicking in doors.

Apparently the tranny signaled his posse and now all hell was breaking loose. Joe tried to fight off the swarm that was invading his home but he couldn’t hold them off forever. Joe’s body weakened under the constant pressure. The trannies had pulled him to the ground and held him there while the others took turns sitting on his face. Trying to make sense about what was on his face, as it wasn’t clear if it was a vagina or a penis, Joe’s head exploded. The trannies giggled and frolicked in Joe’s scattered cranium parts. Joe’s fears were now explained, and the shrink is currently dating Joe’s wife.


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