Hector woke up in the middle of a field with his face bombarded with flies. As he tried to shake them off a giant foot stomped next to him and the owner was like, “Thou shalt not pass!”

Hector jumped up and looked for the prostitute he drug out to the field. She was nowhere to be found. Either she rose from the dead or Hector did a bad job playing let’s kill a ho. No matter what, it was going to lead to trouble. The giant shoved his foot in Hector’s face and demanded he smell it. The toe jam was stuck in the giant’s toe hair and bits and pieces flew about as Hector tried to push away the giant toe.

Suddenly, over the hill a white horse could be seen making its way over to Hector and the giant. As the horse came closer it became clear that the one on horseback was the prostitute.
Her face was covered in blood and sperm. One eye lay dangling out of its socket. Her clothes were torn from her body and barely covered an inch of her skin.

The giant was taken back by the sight of a half dead prostitute riding a horse. The white horse was slowly turning red from the blood dripping from the prostitute’s face that was badly battered from Hector. Unrecognizable she might as well have been a zombie.

Hector was pissed and wanted to finish what he started but the prostitute had other plans. As her horse drew nearer she reached down with her right hand and grabbed Hector under the chin. At the same time the horse stepped on Hector’s feet. And with the prostitute’s force pulling upwards Hector’s head quickly separated from his body. The sound alone sent the giant running back into the forests.

Hector’s head now dangles from the rear-view-mirror of the prostitute’s Ford Granada. Today, people think twice before they step into this slut’s car.


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