Carl just got home from a long hard day at work. As he walked through the front door the lights came on and people jumped out and yelled surprise. It was Carl’s twenty-first birthday and all his friends gathered to celebrate.

Carl’s wife Debbie said, “Happy Birthday guy. You’re getting a dang vasectomy.”

“Uh…What? When?” Carl asked.

“Now,” Debbie said.

Carl began to run and then someone screamed, “Stun him!” Carl was taken down with a stun gun and people began to line up with their scalpels in hand to participate in the vasectomy.

“I’ll start,” Debbie said.

She made a slight incision, and then licked the blood off the scalpel as she made way for the next participant. But suddenly people began arguing over who would go next. The argument quickly got out of control as everyone began stabbing each other in their respective dicks.

Bodies were flying everywhere. It was a huge vasectomy orgy. Carl took off his Jetsons t-shirt and wrapped his bleeding dingus in it as he began cutting the cake.

“Who wants cake?” Carl inquired.

Slowly everyone’s hands began to raise from the dead. Carl reached over and gave Debbie a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I love my vasectomy baby. I can’t wait to use it.”


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