Grace was tired of rapping into her tampon. She wanted a microphone and a stage. But they would come at a price. A price she couldn’t afford. All types of dollars she never heard of.

She wanted to get noticed so bad she had her esophagus encrusted in diamonds. She would be hot if it wasn’t for the one diamond being placed slightly too close to another diamond. Other than that a complete TKO.

There was a rap battle coming up at the local whatever so she planned on training to win. On the day of the battle she showed up with her diamond encrusted esophagus and noticed they had both a stage and a microphone. It was like a daydream come true. She knew she had arrived somewhere.

When it was her turn to battle she totally wasted this other MC. After she won she shoved the microphone in her vagina. Everyone looked horrified.

“I’m  sorry. That’s just something I’m used to doing,” she said.

That night the lights really glistened off of Grace’s diamond encrusted esophagus. The skies parted and birds pooped on her head. But she done herself proud.


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