Lars was freshly decapitated and he was not happy about it. “To whom may I address the severity of this situation with?” Lars inquired.

A voice responded,”How are you talking if you are no longer capitated?”

Lars stood next to his head on the ground and bent over and farted in his face. “I’ve always wanted to do that. Oh my that’s so gross. Why am I so disgusting?” Lars asked.

“It’s because you’re decapitated,” a voice responded, “it happens all the time.”

Lars was clearly upset he was like, “I don’t want to turn into a savage simply because I’m decapitated! How foolish of me to allow my head to fall off!”

Just then a hot chick with boobs walked over to Lars and her head fell off and then she farted in Lars’ face. A tear rolled down Lars’ cheek when he realized the trufe that girl farts smell like shit inside their body.

At this important moment Lars’ head recapitated itself to himself. “What happened?” Lars asked.

The voice responded, “You’ve experienced the trufe in life. That was all that was needed. You can go now.”


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