Lacy and Amy were both seniors in high school and sat in Lacy’s room getting ready to go out for the night. Lacy turned to Amy and asked, “Do you think I’ll get raped tonight?”

Amy took one look at her and said, “Not looking like that you won’t. Come here, let me fix you up.” Amy fixed Lacy’s makeup and hair.

“Thanks,” Lacy said, “God, it’s been so long since I’ve been raped.”

“I know. The last time I got raped I couldn’t even remember where I was,” Amy said.

Lacy looked like she was beginning to fantasize again when she said, “I wish I could get raped more often but they say you shouldn’t get raped and drive.”

“You know I hope Joey is at the party tonight ’cause he let’s me get raped for free,” Amy said.

“You’re so lucky. Last time they made me pay,” Lacy responded.

There was a knock on Lacy’s bedroom door. Her mother opened the door and said, “Lacy your friend Kim is here.”

Kim walked into the room and asked, “Are you guys ready to get stoned tonight?!”

Lacy quickly slammed the door shut, “Shhh! I don’t want my mom to know I get stoned.”

“Oh, I forgot. You guys ready to get raped silly tonight?!” Kim said.

“Hell yea!” the girls screamed in unison as they ran down the stairs out the front door. “I’m ready to be raped all night long!”


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