Ronnie was an overprotected inmate afraid to let his cellmate, Jackson, eat from the prison cafeteria. Instead Ronnie, believing Jackson to be his own young, began breastfeeding him in their cell.

He would force Jackson’s mouth onto his nipple and yell, “Suck my young child! Suck!”

On Thanksgiving Jackson was allowed to feed from both breasts while Ronnie poured gravy on his face. Soon things got weird. Jackson began losing weight at a rapid pace.

Ronnie was so confused he thought maybe somebody tainted his supply of milk poisoning his young. No it was not this. Not at all. It was malnutrition and scarlet fever. These would surely have ended Jackson’s life in due time.

But it was a large clump of Ronnie’s nipple hair that caused Jackson to choke to death.

It’s said that on occasion you can still hear Ronnie yelling out in the middle of the night, “Suck my young child! Suck!”


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