Shantel was in the passenger’s seat of Felix’s car at the top of Fist Fuck Point™. Shantel looked in the backseat and said, “Your used condom collection is so cryptic.”

“I’m like Leonardo da Vinci girl,” Felix said.

Shantel was still trying to understand, “So you just bang girls back here and leave the condoms as like trophies or something?”

“Nah girl. Those ain’t mine. They came off other dicks,” Felix clarified.

Shantel’s face lit up as if a light bulb came on, “Oh OK. I was gonna say, that would be kinda weird if they were yours.”

Felix put his hand on her face and said, “Baby I didn’t bring you to Fist Fuck Point™ to engage in philosophical conversations.”

Felix pulled off her pants and began the fisting ceremony. Shantel was in the middle of suffering when she noticed another couple having sex in the car next to them. The lady from the car got out and was getting ready to throw the used condom into the trash can.

Shantel asked Felix, “Could you unfist me for a minute?”

Felix said, “Whatchu mean girl?”

“I mean I want to make you happy it’ll just take a minute,” she said.

Felix unfisted Shantel and she made her way outside. Shantel walked up to the lady with the condom and said, “Yo girl let a sister get at that condom.”

The lady just stared at Shantel and said, “Uhh. What?”

Shantel snatched the used condom from her and waved it in the girl’s face and said, “Damn girl yo man got some hairy ass balls!”

Shantel strutted back to Felix’s car and showed him the used condom and said, “Look what I got you baby.”

“That’s a keeper. Throw it in the hairy ball section in the back,” he said.

“I can’t find it,” she said.

“It’s next to the scabies section.”

“Ok. Got it,” Shantel said.


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