She wanted nothing more than the heads to stay on the lady. 

Karen had run the carnival for years, and for years the lady with four heads had threatened to remove her heads if she didn’t get a raise. The four-headed lady was better known to the public as Quadro Lady. And with winter fast approaching she would have to buy four winter hats which would cost money. Quadro Lady had been the main attraction for some time and felt entitled to bigger and better things. She demanded that Karen step down and allow her full control over the carnies. But Karen was not willing to relinquish such power. 

Quadro Lady slapped Karen in the face and said, “I’m going to remove these heads and laugh all the way to the grave as your carnival crumbles without me!” 

Karen heard it all before and said, “Here we go again. Just go back to your booth and be a good freak.” 

Quadro Lady walked away punching herself in her heads trying to loosen them up. Later that day Karen was walking the carnival grounds as the crowd began pouring in. She noticed Quadro Lady was not at her booth. Karen set out to track her down and apologize in an attempt to get her back to work. 

As Karen was searching she noticed the Fortune Teller leaving the Strongman’s trailer and heard loud screams coming from inside. Karen ran inside to find the Strongman standing on Quadro Lady’s neck pulling on one of her heads. 

“What are you doing?!” Karen asked. 

“I want my raise!” Quadro Lady demanded. 

Karen spit in her face and said, “Forget it!” She walked out of the trailer slamming the door behind her. 

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Quadro Lady said to the Strongman. 

The following night people stood in line for hours to witness the new main attraction: The Strongman who juggles human heads.


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