Ed walked into the room to join his friend Kirk. Kirk was sitting on the floor smoking Catherine. Catherine had turned into a zombie and now she was being smoked and they were getting stoned. They were junkies alright. Addicted to the rotting flesh of the undead. 

Ed stared at Catherine and a tear dropped from his junkie eye, “She would taste so much better if her mouth wasn’t so penis heavy,” he said.  

Kirk looked at Ed and began throwing up violently. The puke continued to pile up on top of Catherine. Then Kirk threw up Russ from the auto shop. 

Russ was weird because he didn’t look like a Russ he looked like a Dale. Russ was in charge of coming out of people’s stomachs when they smoked too many zombies. He got the job when he found an ad in the paper looking for someone named Russ who looks like Dale and can come out of someone’s stomach. It wasn’t a job he loved it was a job he liked, and it would help him grow as a person. 

Russ had ambition, the kind that made him feel ambitious which showed by his glasses. Russ didn’t smell like ambition though. He smelled like someone just threw him up. He hated being judged but he knew it came with the territory. 

Russ took a hit off of Catherine and said, “Too penis heavy for me.” 

Ed shit himself and said, “Dude, I know!” 

Russ walked over to Ed and pried his mouth open and said, “Your turn.” 

Russ crawled inside Ed’s mouth and Ed took another hit off of Catherine. Russ was challenging to throw up, but Ed toughed it out and puked him up. 

After Russ was vomited out of Ed’s system streamers fell from the ceiling and music began playing. Russ lit a cigarette and began ballroom dancing by himself. Ed and Kirk both lay face down in a puddle of puke on top of a smoking zombie corpse.


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