“Why are we in your bomb shelter again?” Janet asked Alex.

“Oh, it’s because I have fleas in my bedroom.” Alex said.

“Right. Right”

They both sat there awkwardly on the couch of Alex’s bomb shelter staring at the walls. Janet turned to Alex and said seductively, “So, tell me more about these fleas.”

Alex looked at her and smiled, “Well they’re really tiny and black.”

Janet moved closer to Alex and began stroking the inside of his thigh. “Mmm tell me more,” she demanded.

“Umm. They’re pretty itchy if you get them on you.”

She unzipped Alex’s pants and pulled his penis out and said, “I’m getting so horny. Tell me more.”

“They can jump like three feet.”

Janet started giving him a blowjob with her mouth. “Tell me more! Tell me more!”

“I kill them by crushing them between my fingernails.”

Janet continued blowing Alex and muttered, “I”m so itchy from being covered in fleas. Doesn’t that turn you on?”

Alex paused and answered, “Uhh…OK.”

Janet still on her knees stopped blowing him for a second and said, “I have a really bad itch behind my ear. Can you scratch it with your dick?”

“How am I supposed to do that exactly?”

“Just figure it out,” she demanded.

Janet turned around on her knees and Alex began rubbing his penis behind her ear.

“Oh my god that feels so fucking good!”

“It does feel really good,” Alex confirmed.

“Yeah, get rid of those fleas baby. Drown them in your jizz.”

“You want me to come behind your ear?” Alex asked.

“Fuck yea!”

Alex was getting closer to having an orgasm and yelled, “I’m so close! I’m about to drown those fleas!”

Janet turned around and bit his dick and said, “No you aren’t! What the fuck’s the matter with you?!”

Alex was confused and writhing in pain. Janet stood up and said, “You know maybe it’s better if I leave. I’m kind of really skeeved out about your whole flea fetish anyway.”

Janet walked out of the bomb shelter leaving Alex with his dick in his hand saying to himself, “What a fucking psycho. I love that girl.”


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