“Oh Dylan you’re so crazy the way you wash dishes with total abandonment. I wish I was you,” Dylan’s main squeeze said.

Dylan slammed the sponge in the sink and yelled in her face, “You can never be me! Our fucking DNA is so different! Argh!”

“What if I knew a way to grow your penis inside of me?” suggested his main squeeze.

Dylan held a butter knife to her vagina and said, “Show me.”

They walked into the other room where she pulled out a small box she received in the mail. Across the front of the box ‘Sea Monkeys’ was crossed out and replaced with ‘Peniseses’.

Dylan looked worried so she said, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of them.”

“You better cause I don’t wanna be the one getting stuck taking care of your peniseses,” Dylan explained.

“You’re such a novice,” his main squeeze said as she dumped a bag of peniseses’ eggs into her vagina. “Look I just feed them this food they gave me like once a day and blow some air bubbles in there and before you know it I got a big ‘ol dong,” she said.

“It will never work,” Dylan said.

“Oh it will work and it will be less hairy than yours,” she said.

Dylan looked her dead in her lazy eye and said, “Kimpossible.”

A week later Dylan was eating a bowl of Cheerios when his main squeeze shoved her peniseses in his butt.

“No hair bitch!” she yelled as she pinned his head down on the table taking him from behind.

“What are you doing?!” Dylan screamed.

“I’m fucking you with total abandonment like how you wash the dishes,” explained his main squeeze.

Dylan opened his mouth and said, “That’s so funny cause that’s what I thought you were doing.”


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