Eddie was a chiropractor and he was adjusting the first patient of the day.

“How does that feel?” he asked the lady.

“Good,” she said.

“Ok I’m going to crack your neck now,” Eddie said.

As he was cracking her neck her head fell off.

“Eh. WTF,” Eddie said to himself. “Such bullshit,” he said as he stood with the patient’s head in his hands.

Eddie began walking across the room with the head muttering, “I hate this job.”

He opened a closet and dozens of heads began rolling out. Eddie kicked them back in and threw the head on to the pile slamming the door shut.

Eddie headed out to the main lobby and said to the secretary, “Clear my schedule for today.”

“Another head?” She asked.

“Yup,” Eddie confirmed.

His secretary had a concerned look on her face and said, “It’s hard to run a  successful business when people come in for an adjustment and their heads fall off.”

“I know. I just get so excited I can’t help it,” Eddie said.

The secretary began pondering and suggested, “Maybe you should try to meditate. And maybe light some incense in there.”

“You know I think you might be on to something,” Eddie said.

Eddie took a week off from work to meditate and when he returned he had incense burning in his office. It was time to put his skills to the test. His secretary watched as the first patient walked back for their adjustment. Moments later she went to go check on them to see how Eddie was doing. When she opened the door Eddie was standing there with the patient’s severed head in his hands. They both looked at each other and began laughing.

Eddie decided to try and adjust the secretary’s neck to see what would happen. As he was doing so she began to moan in pleasure. Afterwards she said, “Well my head is still on.”

“It had to do with that face you were making when you were moaning. It helped me focus, ” Eddie said.

The secretary smiled and said, “That’s the face I make during sex. I can’t believe it cured you.”

“I have an idea,” Eddie said.

Now when patients entered his office they were required to wear a mask of the secretary’s face that she makes during sex. This ensured no one’s head would fall off again. Eddie’s business was booming and his patient’s were leaving with their heads, but with a little less dignity.


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